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One of the pests that can damage your property and can contaminate your food is the House Mouse. Mice are often mistaken for rats, because they come from the same rodent family. Mice, just like rats hide in the warm corners of your home that is why people usually dont notice that they are already in their homes if they are not well informed for signs to look out for if they suspect mice infestation. Signs that mice are in your home are visible droppings, gnawed plastics and cartons, mouse tracks and a distinct musk odor. Mice usually live in warm corners or your house, and commonly in the attic, basement, and cupboards under your sink and under pieces of furniture that you dont move around. Since mice are small, they can fit in small holes and can easily enter your house and when they find that the house is warm enough for them to live in; they rarely go out and can multiply in number quite rapidly. The best option is to try to eliminate rats on the first sight of signs. Some people try DIY mice control methods like traps and glue boards or rodenticides, but to no avail. Their population just keeps growing and growing and the situation already starting to seem hopeless. Mice Control Guys has the perfect solution to your mice control worries! Mice Control Guys can execute the effective mice pet control method applicable to your home. With skilled mice control professionals, you are sure to eliminate the mice infestation in no time. Mice Control Guys has effective and accurate mice exterminator methods to suppress the population growth of the population of the mice, and ultimately kill the remaining mice in your home. Mice Control Guys has flexible appointment schedules to fit your busy lifestyles. Now you dont have to be absent for work and work around stressful schedules. Call 800-232-5128 to set up an appointment now!


Environment Friendly Materials

Mice Control Guys prides on using environment friendly materials that are tested to cause no harm to health of humans and pets alike. This is brought about by extensive research and studying of existing methods which enables Mice Control Guys to formulate effective methods on how to suppress mice in your home. While our materials are environment friendly, they are formulated to effectively eliminate a big percentage of the mice population on each visit! This gives you the peace of mind on acquiring mice removal services. No need to worry about the safety of your kids and your pets as Mice Control Guys took care of that for you.


Flexible Payment Methods

Mice Control Guys understands that we all have our preferences on the budget for mice control services so in relation to that, flexible service schemes to suit your budget and different payment methods. We accept cash, check, credit or debit card and we even have an online payment service to take out the hassle of having to go to our business office to pay your mice control bills. Paying for mice control has never been easy!

Customers can reach us on 800-232-5128 for more information.

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